Imbalance – Raw, brutal metal, with just a little hint of science

Norwegian Metal Outfit Imbalance reassembles after a few years break, and some individual music projects.

We are thrilled to prepare for a much sought after return to the metal stage, with the first announced performance at “Kniven” in Oslo, as part of the Inferno Festival 2024.

Now that we are teaming back up, we are eager to see what comes out of it. Whatever music we end up making will at least be raw, brutal, a little unpredictable, but most of all pure and fueled by uncompromising Energy.

That’s a promise!

See you at Inferno 2024!


  • Inferno gig wrapup

    Inferno gig wrapup

    Thanks to everyone who came to support us at our gig at Kniven during this years Inferno Metal Festival! It was a blast to be back on stage, and it definitely left us hungry for more! Also a big thanks and shout out to our new friends Horrifier, which did an awesome gig, and of…

  • Inferno Metal Festival 2024

    Inferno Metal Festival 2024

    Matiné comeback gig at Kniven Bar under the Inferno Metal Festival 2024.

  • We will no longer support the surveillance capitalists

    Imbalance will these days terminate our presence on Facebook and eventually other centralized, surveillance based “social media” platforms. Here we’ll explain why.

  • Imbalance to play at the Inferno Metal Festival 2024

    Imbalance to play at the Inferno Metal Festival 2024

    We are thrilled to announce that we will return to the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway, come easter next year!

  • Ease Your Pain – Music Video

    Ease Your Pain – Music Video

    This is the music video we recorded for the Period Three Implies Chaos album. Directed, edited and produced by Øyvind Welle.