Three filthy and bloody men in front of a thrashed drumset and debries.


No triggers, no synthesizers – no bullshit!

Imbalance takes aim with strong roots in the thrash metal scene, and includes elements of death- and black metal. The band has been compared to the likes of VoivodSepulturaBehemothDeath and others.

Combining their individual attitudes and approach to music with a healthy contempt towards human societies and politics, they aim to create metal in its pure form without being predictable. Still staying away from exotic or disturbing elements – Imbalance is about the energetic essence that is Metal!

After more than fourteen years in the Norwegian underground, Imbalance finally released their debut album Period Three Implies Chaos in 2010. This was followed by both a European tour with the legendary Master, as well as some more underground tours both throughout Europe and Norway.

The followup — the 10″ vinyl EP Readymade Contraptions of Descent — was released in 2012, and was followed by another Norwegian tour with our friends Ninth Circle and Exeloume. We also released our first professional music video to the song Ease Your Pain from our debut album.

After that things got quiet, and in 2014 the band went into a limbo state, with Thormodr moving abroad for business opportunities, Harald exploring some other musical ventures with Blastered and the punk project Velstandsfanden.

But the beast can not lie dormant forever! 20 years after our first demo as Imbalance, Burial of Consciousness from 2004, Imbalance returns to the stage at the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, and are preparing new material for a yet to come new release.